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Our experience in a number of sectors has led to an understanding of the requirements in many areas. Over the last 30 years our staff has been active in all aspects of EMC and Electrical activities in the automotive, off-highway, truck and bus and military areas. We offer specialist services in:
  • Military Control Plans
  • EMC and Environmental test Plans
  • EMC Consultancy and Design
  • EMC testing supervision and planning
  • Electrical System Design
  • EMC Filtering Requirements
  • Type Approval for EMC Requirements to 2004/104/EC
  • CE Marking requirements
  • Engineering Files
  • Vehicle Evaluation
  • Driver Training
If it is something special you require in any of these areas then please ask and see if our staff can help you. If we can’t directly, our association with the industries mean that we can point you in the right direction to source your requirements.

See a more in depth review of our services by selecting the activity you want to look at from the drop down panel.