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Cre8 Associates Limited produces a number of products and systems for use in various markets. Most of our products are developed against customers’ requirements but we pride ourselves on having our own ranges of specific products such as EMC filters. Our experience in understanding your requirements and developing the solution you require stems from our use of Gateway Design Procedures and PRINCE2 project management allowing the product to be designed and reviewed against your needs and requirements.

Our specialist electronic design area, and electrical harness development rooms allow the product to be developed in a controlled manner, and tested accordingly. Were EMC characteristics are to be assessed, our in house 6 × 3.5×3m screened room enables us to test and evaluate the systems performance and ensure it meets your requirements. All systems are released with End Of Line Test Results to ensure our quality remains high and controlled under ISO 9001:2008 guidelines.

Cre8 Associates Limited takes on the requirements of our customers – or your problematic issues – and design products and systems to solve these issues. Our products have included:
  • Specialist Power Distribution Systems for DC and AC
  • Automotive Battery Trays for Power Management
  • Automotive DC conversion systems for 12 and 12 Volt systems including:
    • Alternators
    • DC Power Management
    • Battery Isolation and Monitoring
    • Emergency Start
  • EMC AC Filters for Commercial and Military use
  • EMC DC Filters for Automotive and Military applications
  • Specific EMC Filtered Systems for Def Stan 59-411 for:
    • Wiper Motors for various vehicles
    • Indicator systems
    • Fan modules
    • Blower systems and AC units
  • Vehicle Wiring Harnesses for covert vehicles
  • Full Vehicle Conversions
  • Covert Control Systems containing
    • Under Bonnet Fire Suppression
    • Under Vehicle Fuel Line Fire Suppression
    • Specialist Window Operations
    • Panic/Attack Alarms
    • Yelp Wail
    • Light Flash Controls
    • Light Bar Controls
    • Additional Lighting Systems and Movement Controls
    • Air Vent Shut Off Systems
    • Programmable Light Isolation Systems
    • Intercom and External Communications Systems
    • Additional Power Supplies
    • VHF and UHF Communications Systems
    • Aerial Switching Systems
    • Fully EMC filtered with specific fused power supplies
  • Health & Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) utilising Telematics and CAN data acquisition