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Ensuring Engine Start When You Need It Most



STARTsafe II battery power management system

The STARTsafe II was specifically designed to prevent flat batteries in today’s modern military vehicles. With increased fitted equipment and continual upgrades, military vehicles in today’s modern armed forces are continually having their electrical systems required to do more than they were originally designed for.
Operational requirements quite often involve vehicles being left stationary with their engines off or running at idle for long periods, whilst still operating onboard electrical systems critical to the mission (computerisation, weapon control, anti IED systems etc…)
STARTsafe II allows the user to perform the operational requirements with confidence that if the vehicle main battery is drained of energy through use with the vehicle engine off, they can still start the vehicle. STARTsafe II is use din combination with a reserve or auxiliary battery that normally operates with the main battery unless a situation occurs in which the current drain reduces the effectiveness of the battery system. At this point STARTsafe II will isolate the reserve battery and allow the operator choice of reengaging the battery at any time.
One installed, STARTsafe II constantly monitors battery voltage. Once its protection threshold voltage has been reached, it starts an internal timer. If voltage does not recover during this timed period, a contactor is operated that isolates the reserve battery preventing further power drain. Power is reconnected via a simple reset switch (installed on the vehicles dash and on the ECU itself). Additional options include a reset via an engine cranking signal, for fully automatic operation.
STARTsafe II ensures that your engine starts in situations where power drain would normally reduce the capability of the vehicle to start in extremely dangerous and challenging environments.