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The marine sector has been an area of extensive growth over the last 4 years, with the adopted use of new wiring standards, communications protocols and an increasing awareness of EMC and its importance in the sector. Cre8 Associates Limited have been utilising and cross fertilising its skills in the other sectors to provide specialist support to the marine sector in very specific areas. Our projects have included:
  • Power management and battery control systems
  • Electrical wiring harnesses for control and power
  • EMC event investigations
  • Data acquisition and evaluation
  • Tracking systems and data transfer technology
  • EMC filters and installations
  • Consultancy and fault rectification activities
  • RF Communications systems installation and testing
Cre8 Associates Limited is active in the specific areas of EMC filters for on board marine vessels for the reduction in RF noise on communications systems and on board data handling systems. Our staff have worked not only on the vessels themselves but also utilised the facilities at our base in Leicestershire to develop specific solutions to a number of issues faced by the industry. Our knowledge of automotive based CAN and its implications have also allowed us to solve issues on board vessels that have had problems with the operation of CAN devices and to advise on the installation of multiplex wiring systems.

Our links with marine based electrical suppliers have allowed us to supply fully tested systems to perform many energy related requirements including battery management and charging, on board power monitoring and control panels.

Cre8 Associates Limited personnel are always on hand to advise on specific problems or future requirements that your company may require for its vessels. Our design activities and our knowledge of environmental test methods and electrical requirements enable us to over customised solutions for your company.