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EMC Commercial Approvals

EMC Commercial Approvals


European CE Marking

Although Cre8 Associates Limited operates in the transportation industries, the electrical and EMC nature of our work allows us to use these skills and knowledge in the commercial sectors. The electrical and electronic sector, as well as others, has a requirement for CE marking, which covers not just the products electrical and electronic function but also mechanical and other specialist areas covered by the European harmonised standards. The knowledge surrounding the exact nature of these standards means that at times customers mis-understand or apply the wrong standards to the testing, or even the very nature of the standard itself is lost.

Here at Cre8 Associates Limited we have been helping our clients to apply European requirements to their products for the last 6 years, helping in test methods, engineering files, designs and approvals and have dealt with most sections of the requirements. In areas we cannot help you we direct you and introduce you to parties and companies capable of completing specialist aspects and supervise and control the process from start to finish.


In addition we have expanded this service to include approvals across the world and can help in FCC, ANSI, CSA and other worldwide standards and approvals on commercial products.