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Project Management

Project Management


Cre8 Associates Limited personnel have been involved in the financial, technical and HR management issues on numerous projects and within companies in a variety of roles. We bring this wealth of knowledge and experience to our company and in the past 7 years have utilised this strength to aid our customers in their operations and planning.

Along with our technical experience we add the reassurance of managing the aspects under our control utilising proven management techniques and experience to ensure our objectives are met efficiently, on time and within budget.

Project management in any sector in which we operate starts at the beginning, from the design planning in designing systems for EMC compliance, to the products we produce ourselves, all benefit from proactive management, throughout the lifespan of the project. Planning where you need to go, what you want at the end and how to get there is imperative in the project’s success. Here at Cre8 Associates Limited we pride ourselves on contributing to the required levels needed within the projects in any aspect to which we can advise to complete the objective.

Cre8 Associates Limited operates a proven system utilising “Gateways” for all its internal projects. This involves distinct project phases with inputs, outputs, critical path analysis, deviations and concessions at each Gateway (design, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and launch phases) and as such bring this approach into many of the projects to which we are involved, but it doesn’t stop there. These processes therefore enhance our understanding of our customers’ requirements within their own systems and allow us to integrate effectively, performing reviews and feeding back information in the right manner and formats to the right stakeholders.

Project files hold all relevant phase reviews, design reviews and other project related items for cross reference and access. On completion of CE marking and internal production projects full Engineering Files are produced for future reference. These techniques and ideas are used were necessary within our external projects fitting in with our customers current systems and processes.

We produce complete risk assessments and reviews to cover all aspects of a project and use these to help us ensure that our customers have a full understanding of the projects situation at any point in time, and looking into the future an understanding of any risks that may occur (and what actions are in place for these contingencies).

Whether we are designing and integrating electrical systems into military vehicles, managing a marine system fit or upgrade or consulting on Type Approval aspects of new automotive systems or project management techniques keep us in control of our operations. Projects to which we have utilised our experience include:

  • EMC Def Stan 59-411 Control Plans for Vehicles, Systems and Installations
  • Vehicle System Installation and Integration
  • CE marking and Technical Engineering Files
  • Environmental Testing
  • Product Development or Systems and Vehicles
  • EMC Filter Requirements
  • EMC Chamber Design and Commissioning
  • Data Acquisition programmes
  • Electrical Harness Design
  • Specialist Products and Systems
  • RF Communications Selection and Installation
  • RF Antenna Installation and reception characteristics
  • EMC Testing and Supervision to Military and Commercial Standards worldwide
  • Mechanical Upgrades and Testing
  • Complete Vehicle Upgrades and Installations
  • Driver Profiling and Training
  • Vehicle Development

Our facilities at Bruntingthorpe allow us a dedicated programme management room when required with networking and telephone access to supplement our activities at our customer premises.