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EMC Consulting & Testing

EMC Consulting & Testing


Cre8 Associates Limited personnel have been involved in advising and helping customers with problems associated with EMC testing and design for many years. Our approach to the issues of EMC stem from the belief that proper design, manufacturing, evaluation and testing guidelines result in a product that is fit for the environment in which it is operating. This applies from an automotive vehicle through to aerospace and airborne equipment. Often the help that is asked for is during the testing phases were problems have been encountered. Although we can help at this stage this may be very late in a products development cycle and the costs of rectification can therefore be large.

Our consultants have worked on EMC issues in Military, Marine, Railway, Aerospace and Automotive sectors, advising on both development and homologation aspects of EMC. This ranges from the production of EMC Guidelines to submissions of documentation to legislative authorities and foreign establishments. We have written and advised on EMC in the USA, India, Australia, Germany and the UK to name just a few.

1.1 Companies and their Products

As EMC Consultants, Cre8 Associates look at all aspects of the product and not just the problems that have been encountered. We are available to look at designs and evaluation plans right at the beginning of the design process, putting into place:
  • Design Guidelines for the product itself
  • Teaching and training staff
  • Evaluating the operating environments
  • Tailoring the designs and test evaluations to meet the environment
  • Planning the design verification in EMC and Environmental Aspects
  • Type Approval Applications and Worst Case Analysis
  • Writing, evaluating and gaining approval of Test Plans by OEM’s and International Bodies
  • Submitting Test Plans and homologation documents on your behalf and tracking approval
  • Help on the test methods modes and applications required
  • General Advice and Help
Our associates have been instrumental in implementing the use of test plans in a number of companies to ensure that both components/systems and vehicles are testing correctly utilising the right methods and at the correct build levels and software installations. Not only do we write them for OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers but we monitor there progress through the relevant channels to ensure there timely fulfilment. Our experience spans over 8 years of producing, evaluating and approving test plans within the automotive sector across Europe and in the USA.

1.2 Military

In the military sector Cre8 Associates Limited has been advising on EMC for the last 20 years. Our personnel sit on a number of committees looking at EMC test methodology and requirements and as such help define the defence related requirements.

Our personnel also take a lead role in a number of companies utilising our gained experience, knowledge, understanding and contacts to help in the sometimes daunting task of EMC Compliance. Our personnel consult and aid in:
  • EMC Control Planning and Working Groups
  • EMC Test Planning
  • System Integration
  • Mutual Interoperability
  • EMC Filtration requirements’
  • Electrical Installations and Def Stan 61-05

1.3 Approvals

In the automotive and other sectors certain approvals are required, ranging from Type Approval in motor vehicles to CE marking in commercial electronic systems. Cre8 Associates Limited have been advising on the Type Approval processes, submissions, EMC requirements’ and other aspects including writing and submitting Type Approval documentation on vehicles and systems.

Cre8 Associates Limited writes all their own Engineering Files for products that we make and as such we advise on and write complete Engineering Files for companies to hold technical information, and submit to various bodies for approvals and ratifications. CE marking, RoHS, WEEE are all part of our consultancy package.

Cre8 Associates Limited operate complete packages of work or specific parts that your company requires, in order to complete your objectives. This modular approach along with our project management expertise will allow us to seamlessly integrate into your work processes and complete our commitments to you.