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EMC Automotive Approvals

EMC Automotive Approvals

In many areas the requirement for legal approval of your equipment is a necessity for them to be either sold or manufactured. Cre8 Associates Limited staff have been helping our customers meet these requirements in many ways from the complete service to specific parts of the approval process. Our relationships with the major test houses, approval bodies and agencies around Europe and the rest of the world allow us to integrate efficiently into your corporate requirements and select and guide you to the right people to get the sort after approval.

Automotive Type Approval (EMC)

Here at Cre8 Associates Limited we have been helping customers through the Automotive Type Approval (TA) process for the last 6 years. This has been at full vehicle and component levels on a variety of OEM and aftermarket fitment products and with the implementation of 2004/104/EC covers a wider range of requirements. We have been responsible to our customers for:
  • Annex Paperwork for submission to the VCA
  • Worst Case Analysis for use in justifying selection, tests and modes of operation
  • EMC test Plan and its Approval
  • Liaison with the EMC Test House
  • EMC Test Supervision
  • Report evaluation
  • Event Investigation
  • Working with the VCA or their appointed body to speed up the process
  • Writing of the complete technical file if required
  • Applications under the construction industry, off highway, 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles
  • Conformance of Production (CoP) activities from
    • Quality visits on suppliers
    • CoP internal reviews
    • VCA Applications
  • Training and process instructions to key personnel

World-wide automotive Approvals

Cre8 Associates Limited have been helping our customers satisfy the requirements in many countries for vehicle components and RKE systems around the world. Over the last 6 years we have built up contacts in a number of countries and agencies allowing us to look at approvals in multiple countries quickly and efficiently, supplying documentation and supporting evidence quickly and allowing the approvals to be supplied within the specified timescales.

National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA)

The NPIA Automotive Equipment Section (AES) Conformance Specification 5 (relating to vehicle equipment) & 6 (the vehicle itself) require consideration and if the equipment is going through its type approval for automotive use, a little extra preparation will enable a very cost effective inclusion of the test requirements into the TA process. The NPIA have their own specialist team looking after the forces themselves, but suppliers of equipment often do not understand the costs and processes of gaining recognition through the NPIA. Cre8 Associates Limited can help in all levels of this and if you are a police or fire service we can help with the NPIA to resolve issues on equipment and vehicles.

Cre8 Associates Limited can tailor the TA test plan to include the requirements for equipment destined for use by police and fire services and prepare and submit all the paperwork necessary to the required bodies.

The culmination of our activities is the issuing and presentation of your certificate from the NPIA.

Technical Files

The relevance of technical construction files may have been reduced, but the requirement for engineering and technical files is still a requirement in many aspects of commercial approvals and automotive sectors too. Cre8 Associates Limited write on our customers behalf:
  • Technical engineering files for the design, test and operation of the equipment
  • Operational Manuals
  • Training Manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Technical justifications for cross approvals
We aid our customers in ensuring that they have the correct level of documentation in place to support the equipment and approvals needed. Were approvals are based on current test and engineering documentation that has to be reviewed then Cre8 Associates Limited work closely with a Notified Body to assess your requirements.