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Our personnel come mainly from an aerospace background and have a full understanding of terminology and technologies involved in this sector. Fully trained military avionics specialists, our staff use this knowledge in commercial and specialist aerospace sectors to develop key systems within your company. We have been active on developing EMC test methods and specifications for electronic systems and have worked with many test laboratories in developing test plans for customer equipment for evaluation.

Our projects have been mainly consultancy based in specific areas such as EMC Test Requirements and EMC Filtration of key systems. Specialist advice and consultancy on EMC Shielding techniques and material transparency (RF) testing has been performed by Cre8 Associates Limited to various standards. Our knowledge of the specific requirements of major aerospace companies and international requirements has helped us to get approval of a number of systems on behalf of our clients ranging from actuators through to communications amplifies.


Our staff have been part of major projects both with commercial suppliers of aerospace products and test laboratories in the defence of systems against lightning strikes and its protection. Our understanding of the conditions and how to reduce the overall effect has grown over the last 3 years with some of our personnel being seconded to various companies to help in this area.