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Cre8 Associates Limited supplies the automotive sector with various services and products within its operations. Starting from the formation of the company in 2004, we have used our extensive knowledge of the automotive markets to supply EMC, Electrical Engineering and Data Acquisition activities to a number of clients in the UK, Europe and the USA and Australia. Our work has ranged from OEM to Tier 1 suppliers, to which we have helped many with specific aspects of their operations including test plan formulation and Design Verification Planning. Cre8 Associates Limited has also supplied our customers with:
  • EMC Training, some specific to the requirements of vehicle manufacturers
  • EMC Test Plans i.e. to Ford, Chrysler and General Motors requirements
  • Specialist Electrical Harness manufacture
  • Project Management and full environmental test supervision
  • Test method evaluation
  • Type Approval for components, systems and vehicles
The importance of EMC in the design and build of any electronic product is vital in today's heavily utilised radio frequency spectrum. Many devices emitting many frequencies either intentionally or as a fact of their construction, contributes to issues of whether your product will survive in its intended environment or even contribute itself thus adding to the problem. A coordinated and planned approach to the understanding of the products environment, its design and construction, evaluation and testing will ensure that the issues seen in the field are minimised and that the product is effective in its intended operations and lifespan. Here at Cre8 Associates Limited we have the knowledge and understanding to not just test a product but to work with our customers to understand the intention and conditions under which the product will be in service and from that point help in its design and evaluation to prove the product is "fit for purpose".

The help and advice that Cre8 Associates Limited offers doesn't stop there, as we can help in all aspects including the rectification of issues, in the test laboratory or in the field itself. Our consultants can be on hand at test laboratories, or be planning the evaluation schedules, helping you with keeping your laboratories in a good operating condition, helping you with your test requirements in the form of test plans and there approval with the OEM's themselves, training your staff and helping you approving the products world-wide, Cre8 will be there to help immediately and effectively. Cre8 has links with many test houses around Europe and North America were testing will be performed to the highest quality and standards. Add to this the knowledge of the OEM's approval methods in the Automotive sector and the requirements for Aerospace standards, allows us to plan effective evaluations with test houses in a seamless way, allowing you to concentrate on other issues of core importance. Let Cre8 take the issues of EMC away and give you an effective process and product "fit for purpose".

Other Sectors

Our personnel have over 30 years of operating in similar sectors including the off-highway, truck and bus and motorcycles development. Many of these areas utilise test methods and requirements similar to the automotive sector and the personnel at Cre8 Associates Limited have been part of the development of many of the international standards being used.